Apple MacBook 12" Laptop

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Apple MK4N2LL/A
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Apple MacBook Laptop (MK4N2, Gold)



By creating a new MacBook, we set a goal that seemed impossible to achieve absolute functionality and

convenience in a compact and thin laptop Mac. 

For this, we have processed all of the elements to a single to a new computer was not only lighter and thinner but also better.

The result is a not just a new laptop. 

This laptop of the future.

Full-Sized Keyboard in a minimum space:

We are convinced that comfortable working with a laptop is impossible without the full-sized keyboard.

But in order to accommodate the new slim and sleek MacBook keyboard such,

we had to review all the principles of its devices. 

The result was the new keyboard mechanism "Butterfly", in which each key and the underlying basis of the details of its re-designed. 

The keys are now more accurately respond to your actions, and it is felt.

Display Retina:

You open a new MacBook - and before you the amazing 12-inch Retina, covered with glass from edge to edge.

It allows you to see fine details. 

Photos on him literally come to life: they are so bright and colorful. 

At a resolution of more than 3 million pixels, each letter appears crystal clear. 

It is the most energy efficient thin and Retina Display for the Mac.

Impeccably made minimalistic design delights no less than stunning image quality.

Trackpad Force Touch, Tangible improvements:

The new MacBook trackpad opens up entirely new possibilities. Design Force Touch trackpad provides a clear and

uniform sense of clicks anywhere.

But under its surface are arranged sensors that watch that with some effort pushed trackpad,

and give you new ways to interact with your Mac. 

Clicking on the trackpad with effort, you can, for example, to quickly see the definition of the word, or open a file for viewing.

 In addition, the trackpad provides tactile feedback: pressing it gently vibrates, why it seems that you literally touch the objects on the screen.

 At the same time all the familiar Multi-Touch gestures are still supported. 

Now your communication with the Mac will be much closer. 

And easy.

Quiet Delight:

he new MacBook is silent and energy efficiency - this is one of the most important features of its design. 

Everything begins with the processor Intel Core M 5th generation, which consumes just 5 watts. 

Optimized features OS X Yosemite make it even more effective. 

Working in tandem, the processor and the system OS X consume little power so that the computer practically not heated

and therefore the fan for cooling is not needed. 

As a result - MacBook runs silently. 

And thanks to a completely new design of the motherboard, which is installed the processor,

we managed to concentrate all the features of Mac in the most compact package.

Product Details:

Operating System OS X Yosemite
Processor Intel Core M processor with a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz 
Memory8 GB of internal memory to 1600 MHz LPDDR3

12 inches LED backlit IPS technology , Native resolution 2304x1440 pixels


802.11ac Wi?Fi wireless networking + Bluetooth 4.0

Optical DriveNone
BatteryBuilt-in lithium polymer battery capacity of 39.7 W ? h 

Thickness: 0.35 - 1.31 cm 

Length: 28,05 cm

Width: 19.65 cm 

Weight0.92 kg

Contact Information

Company name:
Novatech Systems
132-Ground floor, Hafeez Centre, Lahore.

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